Financial elder grooming and abuse set to increase if Euthanasia Bill passed, says NZ Aged Care Founder.

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Brien Cree, Executive Chairman and founder of Radius Care.

Key quote in the article:

“I have seen elder abuse up close,” he says, “and I know there are people out there who would move heaven and earth to end the life of a person if it meant they could get their hands on the money. I have seen and heard of some terrible experiences”.

What does “Elderly Financial Grooming and Abuse” look like? An Estate Lawyer explains the Common Types of Financial Abuse by Caregivers.

A British Columbia nurse was fined by the College of registered nurses in the amount of $17,500, plus ordered to pay investigation costs of $16,500 for financial abuse of an elderly couple, now deceased.

The nurses misdeeds included being the couple’s power of attorney, putting her name on title to their mobile home, paying for her dentistry, vision care and $1600 a month medications, all on top of her monthly salary.

The nurses college rather understatedly reported that she “failed to maintain appropriate boundaries in her seeking of substantial financial benefits from an informed client.”

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Community Care Worker jailed for 6 years for fraudently obtaining $300,000 from elderly client she was employed to care for.

Care worker jailed after stealing £300,000 from elderly patients | Your  Local Guardian
Community Care Worker Maria Anderson.

A care worker who preyed on two vulnerable pensioners and stole at least £300,000 from them has been jailed for six years.

Agency-employed Community Support Worker jailed for stealing $16k from elderly men she was caring for.

Greedy' east Hull support worker jailed for stealing £16,000 for takeaways  and Asda shopping - Hull Live
Community Support Worker Claire Ostler

A support worker who was supposed to protect the interests of two vulnerable men instead plundered their bank accounts – and spent their money on pet insurance, “dance equipment”, takeaway food and her weekly shopping.

Community Support Worker jailed for stealing $6k from elderly pensioner.

A support worker has been jailed for stealing more than £6,000 from a pensioner she was looking after.

Tips for Preventing, Detecting, and Reporting Financial Abuse of the Elderly

Community Support Social Worker and her son rip off elderly client and share their ill-gotten gains – and cops a 7 year jail sentence.

Scheming social worker stole £550,000 from two vulnerable victims under her  care - Daily Record
Hillary Tideswell (the “Mother & Son” rip-off)

A SOCIAL worker who took more than £550,000 from people in her care has been jailed for more than seven years.

Caregiver Consumer Experience # 1: The sister who coerced her mother to dis-inherit her siblings.

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” I had a sister who became our mothers live-in Carer.

My sister would take our mothers money every pay day and wouldn’t pay her bills or buy her food and would abuse her over anything. My sister was being paid as well to care for our mother.

My sister even got our mother to change her will, in favour of herself, dis-inheriting us, her siblings.

We contacted Age Concern for help.

Age Concern came out out to talk to our mother but they did it in front of my sister, so of course my mother was too scared to say anything, because of the abuse my mother would have got from my sister if she did so.

My sister even went to hospice and abused my mother on her death bed, stating that if my mother did not die at home, she wouldn’t be allowed to stay in the house if she was still alive.

I support BewareCare NZ regarding having something done to stop this from happening to others – family members do this as well”.