What the NZ Government recommends as help for elderly financial grooming and abuse…doesn’t actually help anyone.

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Here is the list of services that the NZ Government recommend as being helpful to victims or families affected by elderly financial grooming and abuse:


Let’s work through the list:

Elder Abuse & Neglect Prevention Services:

This is just Age Concern with a fancy name. No legislative, statutory, or legal power to assist complainants. A toothless echo chamber into which good complaints go to die.

NZ Police:

Unless you have proof that a crime has been committed, the NZ Police will default to the mantra “it’s a civil matter, take it to Court”. No phone call to the elderly person, no interview or investigation with those who are raising the complaint – nothing.

Filing a complaint against a third-party Caregiving agency:

This process won’t help you, as the agency will default to protecting its state funding and its brand. Push the agency to be accountable and they will Lawyer up.

Filing a complaint to the bank:

Ditto. If the elderly person being financially pillaged is consenting to themselves being financially pillaged (whether they are being covertly duped, coerced, or threatened) , then it’s very unlikely the bank will take any action regarding the concern of a complainant.

So, as it stands, there are currently no meaningful protective factors available to guard the vulnerable elderly from being financially groomed and exploited in New Zealand – none.

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