Caregiver Consumer Experience # 1: The sister who coerced her mother to dis-inherit her siblings.

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” I had a sister who became our mothers live-in Carer.

My sister would take our mothers money every pay day and wouldn’t pay her bills or buy her food and would abuse her over anything. My sister was being paid as well to care for our mother.

My sister even got our mother to change her will, in favour of herself, dis-inheriting us, her siblings.

We contacted Age Concern for help.

Age Concern came out out to talk to our mother but they did it in front of my sister, so of course my mother was too scared to say anything, because of the abuse my mother would have got from my sister if she did so.

My sister even went to hospice and abused my mother on her death bed, stating that if my mother did not die at home, she wouldn’t be allowed to stay in the house if she was still alive.

I support BewareCare NZ regarding having something done to stop this from happening to others – family members do this as well”.

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