Why BewareCare New Zealand?



BewareCare NZ is a privately funded Consumer Advocacy campaign that has three primary aims:

1/ To publically expose the rampant “open season” upon the vulnerable elderly who are being financially groomed and abused by Caregivers in New Zealand;

2/ To lobby Government to create meaningful protective factors for this vulnerable population who are being financially groomed and abused by Caregivers;

3/ To encourage the NZ legal system to enforce meaningful sanctions against Caregivers who commit acts of such financial grooming and abuse against this vulnerable population.

BewareCare NZ will also act as an online Information Clearing House, where families are able to tell their stories, comment on other peoples stories, and share helpful resources and information with each other.

To contact BewareCare NZ, please go to the “Contact” page.

Content Moderation Policy:

Anyone who may be concerned about the accuracy or content of a particular post at BewareCare NZ may contact BewareCare NZ to request corrections, amendments, or retractions, as long as it can be substantiated that any content within a post contains materially inaccurate information.