Financial elder grooming and abuse set to increase if Euthanasia Bill passed, says NZ Aged Care Founder.

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Brien Cree, Executive Chairman and founder of Radius Care.

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“I have seen elder abuse up close,” he says, “and I know there are people out there who would move heaven and earth to end the life of a person if it meant they could get their hands on the money. I have seen and heard of some terrible experiences”.

Community Care Worker jailed for 6 years for fraudently obtaining $300,000 from elderly client she was employed to care for.

Care worker jailed after stealing £300,000 from elderly patients | Your  Local Guardian
Community Care Worker Maria Anderson.

A care worker who preyed on two vulnerable pensioners and stole at least £300,000 from them has been jailed for six years.

Agency-employed Community Support Worker jailed for stealing $16k from elderly men she was caring for.

Greedy' east Hull support worker jailed for stealing £16,000 for takeaways  and Asda shopping - Hull Live
Community Support Worker Claire Ostler

A support worker who was supposed to protect the interests of two vulnerable men instead plundered their bank accounts – and spent their money on pet insurance, “dance equipment”, takeaway food and her weekly shopping.

Community Support Worker jailed for stealing $6k from elderly pensioner.

A support worker has been jailed for stealing more than £6,000 from a pensioner she was looking after.

Tips for Preventing, Detecting, and Reporting Financial Abuse of the Elderly

A South Island Elder Abuse Multi-Disciplinary Advisory Panel – with precisely no power to stop the problem.

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A Multidisciplinary Elder Abuse Advisory Panel based in Otago includes police, lawyers, Work and Income, the Southern District Health Board, Age Concern Otago and a residential care facility representative.

Yet, the combined “might” of these agencies to take action against financial grooming and abuse of the elderly counts for nothing – they are toothless.

50% of elder abuse in NZ is financial, and reported cases average 7-10 a day, for every day of the year.

Lots of “Concern” being showed by Age Concern in this news items – just no meaningful options for help, advocacy, protection, or solution regarding elderly financial grooming and abuse.

No idea what to do -

Rising numbers of elderly Kiwis ripped off by family and state-funded Community Caregivers are just the “tip of the iceberg”

Elderly betrayed in their homes as theft reports double | News | The Times

Increasing numbers of adult children are swindling their elderly family members out of thousands of dollars and around a quarter of the people who are financially grooming and abusing the elderly are third-party Community Support Caregiving service providers.

Financial abuse of elderly “rampant” in New Zealand.

Latest Ministry of Social Development (MSD) data shows 79 per cent of reported cases of elder abuse involve psychological abuse, and more than half involve financial abuse.

Carer Caught on Hidden Camera Stealing From Elderly Stroke Victim | The  Investigators, Auckland, NZ

Tokoroa “Caregiver” groomed elderly clients and scored 10 properties for her efforts.

handing over keys for home - Green Residential - Houston Property Management

The Caregiver who financially groomed and abused so many vulnerable elderly clients, she ended up with 10 properties to her name – and the various “advocates” and “authorities” did nothing to help the families, or even try to stop her.