“It was culturally appropriate for me to steal from my clients agency” assumes jailed NZ Disability Community Support Worker Manager.

Northland charity thief Toddy Shepherd released on parole - NZ Herald

Jailed for 3 years; appeals sentence; appeal successful, and sentence dropped to 2.5 years; serves just 1 year. According to the second article below, writing some self-reflections in a journal and completing some Counselling equates to a reduction in sentence of 1.5 years. Fascinating – and wrong.

Oh, and whilst financial reparations were required to pay back the money she stole, we have no way of knowing whether the entire $111,577.67 stolen was actually paid back.



This NZ Community Support Worker didn’t help himself to his elderly clients cash: he helped himself to his elderly client!

She's 78, He's 39: Age-Gap Love challenged viewers' prejudices | Metro News
Photo Credit: “Age Gap Love”

Community support worker had sexual relationship with ‘vulnerable’ elderly client.


NZ Lawyer disciplined 10 times over 30 years, and then FINALLY gets struck off for transferring client’s property into his name and then trying to evict them.

Lawyer threatens colleague with dogs - NZ Herald